I think my original suggestion for Duck Blood Soup was that we recast Ender’s Game as a Fantasy novel.  Not very original, but at least a starting point.  I figured the book could start out with a bunch of Orcs attacking and wiping out human settlement.  A lone wizard prevents the Orcs from completely destroying humanity, but dies in the process.  The king starts training up young wizards as a defense against a second wave he is sure is going to attack at any time.

Fortunately Frank shot down that idea.  He wanted nothing to do with Orcs, or Elves, or Dwarves, or any of the standard creatures that you see in fantasy novels.  The only thing that survived the initial plot line was having untrained teen wizards.  He made us come up with new races that people wouldn’t have preconceptions about or if there were preconceptions, we turned them on their heads.