Jim and I started writing our fantasy novel Duck Blood Soup after we abandoned our attempt at a small humor website. You can still find some of our efforts here reproduced: http://franksblog.hofer.us/category/entertainment/humor/egi/

Jim asked me what creative outlet would be now that we had retired from EGI. I think it was Jim who said something about writing a fantasy novel. I wasn’t too interested in the whole “sword and sorcery” genre; it just never appealed to me. I said that if we wrote something, it should be more “muskets and magic” than “sword and sorcery.” At the time I had never heard of steampunk, so I’ll take credit for inventing it independently.

Once we had a technology time period, we needed a story. Giants trashing a town with guns was a start, and assuming that your average giant did not have access to firearms we figured that this might be a good starting point.

Harry Potter was really big at the time, and I always felt that Hermione Granger was not only underutilized, but should have been the real hero of the Harry Potter series. To me, she just seemed smarter, more rational and level headed, and a better wizard than Harry Potter. With that in mind, Jeunelux was born. I wanted some strong, independent female characters, and she was the first.

After that, it was plotting things out; figuring out where the story was going, entry points and exit criteria for chapters, and creating new characters.

People who have Amazon Prime can read for free: http://www.amazon.com/Duck-Blood-Soup-Caldarium-ebook/dp/B00AGOISEU

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