The paperback version of Duck Blood Soup arrived yesterday for proofing. It was exciting to hold a paperback version of the book and I really liked the way the text and cover turned out, but I have to wonder if a different cover would increase our readership.

Currently the eBook and the paperback version have the map of Eizenfeng and Ozeanchor on the cover. The cover is fairly unique, which may draw attention to it, but is it too different and to amateur looking?

I have some ideas for a more traditional cover, but I’m not sure if they would be better or worse than the existing cover. Most covers of fantasy books seem to have one or more main characters, usually in some type of danger or action scene from the book. Sometimes the covers give you an ominous sense of peril the antagonist will face.

Duck Blood Soup’s current cover doesn’t have any of those features. A map shows you that the story involves two countries and a number of cities, but doesn’t give you any indication of the characters involved or what their struggles will be. On the plus side, their are no preconceived notions of what the characters/villains look like, so the reader decides exactly what they look like.

So what are your thoughts?