I love my trips to the Pacific Northwest. I’m convinced that all of the talk of rain is a rumor that the locals spread to keep people away from their own version of paradise.┬áSure, it looked like this as I was landing, …


Seattle from the sky, on a cloudy day.


but by sunset I had an awesome view of Mount Rainier from my hotel room.



Mount Rainier


When in the Seattle / Tacoma / Olympia area, I tend to eat a lot of seafood. The first night we ate at Indochine in Tacoma.



Indochine Restaurant in Tacoma Washington.

We started with spring rolls and Coconut Prawns. The spring rolls were great, but the prawns could have used more coconut flavor and 30 seconds less time in the frier.


Coconut prawns and spring rolls from Indochine

I had The Black Sea for dinner. The sauce was amazing and the seafood was perfect. Probably the best thing I have eaten in months.


THE BLACK SEA Indochine reinvents Spanish paella with Black Thai Rice and coconut milk. Clams, fresh fish, shrimp, calamari, and scallops are tossed with sweet shallots in kala masala. Nutty, textured,teeming with flavor.

My coworker had the Crying Tiger Beef Salad. He ordered it Thai Hot, but they must not have believed him, because it was more like 1 star hot when it came out.


CRYING TIGER BEEF SALAD Fiercly seasoned beef seared in lime juice, nam pla, garlic and habanero. We add basil, cilantro and lemongrass to cool the heat. May still induce tears.

Day 2 lunch was Duke’s Chowder House. I had the sampler of all of their chowders.


Chowder sample from Duke’s Chowder House.

My coworker opted for the fish taco with a side of chowder.


Fish Taco and Chowder from Duke’s

Duke’s has a nice wrap-around deck and a great view.


One-footed seagull at Duke’s.

I wonder what the story is with the One-footed seagull. Was he a pirate? A thief who lost his foot for a crime he committed? Had he narrowly escaped some predator or trap?


View from Duke’s


Alternate view from Duke’s.

We also made a trip to Tim Tup Thai while we were in the area, which is always worth the drive.

Oysters at Tim Tup Thai Curry, Prawns, and ...