How to Coauthor a Book

Having multiple authors collaborate on a book is not unheard of, but it isn’t exactly common either. There are a number of issues that can make coauthoring difficult. How do you split up the workload? How do you make the book sound as if it is written by one person. How do you allow creative freedom and still keep the plot on the agreed upon path? We addressed all of these issues as we would for our day jobs. My background as a software engineer made me view the book as a large software project. Each chapter is basically...
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Picking a Genre

When we Frank and I started collaborating on Duck Blood Soup, the first discussions were around basic plot and genre.  I have always been a fan of Fantasy novels by Weis and Hickmann, R. A. Salvatore, and of course J. R. R. Tolkien.  Frank taste were a bit wider, covering Science Fiction and Historical Fiction, as well as more of the military and spy novels.  Oddly enough, Frank had little taste for Fantasy novels. Frank suggested that we stick in the Fantasy realm, but switch from Swords and Sorcery to Muskets and Magic.  We had no idea of the...
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Author’s Background

Duck Blood Soup was written by Jim Hofer and Frank Hofer.  The book has passed through dozens of test readers who have provided us with great feedback that has really helped shape the book and round out the plot.  The story has been professionally edited and we are continuing to revise it based on our editor’s suggestions. We are actively seeking a literary agent to help us get it published.
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